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American Exceptionalism and Learning from China

Texas 2021-04-13

In March, I wrote an article about an increasingly hostile attitude toward China. It seems like I was correct. Now we are seeing a rapid increase in aggression toward Russia. The American mainstream media is completely complacent in this. This type of rhetoric is very dangerous and only harms international cooperation and is a big reason we saw so much racism directed towards asians. We should be looking at China's amazing successes and trying to implement them in an American context. Their massive infrastructure mobilization is something the States desperately need, especially after the destruction Coronavirus has caused to our economy. Their high-speed train progress is another example of amazing progress that could be replicated if we had a government of action for the people. Instead of building peace, cooperation, and a better country, the American state and media seem to be much happier sowing division and aggressing against countries trying to build an economy outside US hegemony.