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The New Cold War

By Texas on 2020-05-01

As America begins to open up from the Coronavirus lockdown, I can't help but worry about ever more increasing tensions between China and the United States. We saw the Biden campaign ad pushing a narrative that Trump wasn't stern enough against China. We saw the Republican memo pushing a narrative to blame China as much as possible. I expect to see increasingly hostile rhetoric toward the Middle County regardless of who wins the White House this November. The American Propaganda machine will be in full swing with theories of Coronavirus being a bio-weapon, of more focus on the Hong Kong protests, of racist anti-Chinese sentiment, the Imperial throne atop which America sits is being threatened by developing countries gaining power and and moving past Neo-Liberal capitalism. We must resist these attacks. America has siphoned the wealth from developing countries through it's long history of colonialism and imperialism. Millions have died because of the action and aggression from the United States. America and the imperialist core will not allow countries an ounce of self-determination. We must think about what the world will look like if either of these countries end up 'winning'. Will the world look better with the United States and the capitalists gaining even more power? To find the answer we only have to ask Vietnam, or Korea, or Cuba, Iran, Rojava, Iraq, Laos, Liberia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Colombia, Pakistan, or Syria. This does not mean unwavering support for China and their mistakes, but it does mean thinking objectively and advocating for the best outcome for the international working class.